My dad gets back to work today after the paternity leave, so I stay with my mum. You know, it’s the first day since we left the hospital that I’m one-on-one with my mum??! Daddy picks us up in the early afternoon as I have an audiology appointment. I didn’t tell you, but when I was still at the hospital they were not happy with my hearing…well, apparently my left ear didn’t pass the hearing screening, so they referred us for further investigation.

So here I am, sitting (actually I lie) in the audiology room (well kind of audiology room, as its just the standard office, with window open(!) so you can hear traffic outside, fan running in one corner, people chatting in the waiting room…how they want to test my hearing in this conditions??), anyway…the audiologist puffs and pants as she struggles to put the earphones into my ear canals. (Most of the people with DS have narrower/tighter ear canals and I am no different here). She tries several times with few different sizes and eventually she manages to get it right. I passed!! I passed with both ears – happy days!!! We will need to get back for the follow-up tests in six months, but all good for now! I can hear you World!!

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