Well, well, well…Challenge No. 5 – Fruits from our CHALLENGE 21 list is now done and dusted! Yay!

The goal was to familiarize me (Laura) with the taste of 21 different fruits … I can tell you now, that I managed to eat even more than 21!

I must say that it was one of the coolest challenges from our list. I really, really like fruits. I can eat them anytime and in every form.

Mum and dad tried to bring a mixture of flavours by offering me fruits of various species and from different sources – often from our garden or the garden of one of my grandmothers. Oh yes, those fruits eaten straight from the bush tasted best (black and red currant, gooseberries, blackberries)! I loved it!

The only fruit that I did struggle a bit with was raspberries as they were very, very sour. Mum says this is probably because they didn’t see much sunshine this year.

Anyway, I did enjoy it! It was fun, it was tasty and quite healthy!

I can’t wait for next summer, when I can play in my grandma’s back garden and find new fruits – bring it on!

Please see below for few pics showing my „fruity journey”!


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