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Hello, and welcome to my blog TrySomeMe21!.

I’m Laura and I was born in July 2018. I am the first (and so far) the only child to my lovely parents Anna and Chris. I am pretty quiet (although my mum may think otherwise), easy going and very cheerful little girl, but I’m a bit moody too – but hey, that is the way the woman should be, right?
I like mashed carrots and my little giraffe Sophie. I love sleeping, cuddling my mum and pulling my dad’s beard. Probably you ask yourself now: “Ok, but that’s pretty normal, most of the babies do similar things”, don’t you? You are absolutely right. However, besides all these reactions, gestures and behaviour which are common with babies at similar age almighty God gave me one uncommon thing…He gave me one additional chromosome! I have Trisomy 21 also known as Down syndrome (DS).

You can probably guess now why my blog is named TrySomeMe21 (TSM21), can’t you? It’s cool, isn’t it? I like it!

Ok, please let me introduce you my parents if you don’t mind?


My mum Anna is my superstar. I have known her since birth, no a bit longer actually! She was there from the beginning and her heartbeat was the first tune I was listening to…it was sublime.
She’s 36 now and she is very beautiful! She’s very clever, she knows a lot of things. She’s born organizer, she plans everything very well and she remembers all important dates that my daddy is struggling with – bless him. My mum is fit, she runs marathons and eats well. She loves to travel and she is a gourmet cook too! She feeds me, she dress me up and takes me to various classes and activities. I know she’s there whenever and wherever I need her. She’s amazing, she’s my hero, and I love her so much!


Chris is my daddy’s name. He was born in 1978 – the same year “The Grease” was the hottest film in the world, Argentina won their firs FIFA World Cup and the last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany left VW’s plant in Emden…boy, its ages ago!! Never mind… My dad is very smart fella, I tell you. OK, not as smart as my mum, but at least he knows how to dress me up (just about), feed me and change my dirty nappies and I’m happy with that….well, for now. My dad is also fit, he’s crazy about mountain biking. He already got me a bike trailer to go with him but I will have to wait until I’m a bit older I guess?. He also plays the guitar, listens to heavy rock ’n’ roll, rides a motorbike…and I already told you about his beard, didn’t I? I love that fluffy stuff! My dad works a lot, but he always finds time to play with me, read a book with me or sing me a song. My dad is also our private ‘handy man’, trust me, this geezer can fix almost everything! My dad is awesome, I love him too!!

OK, so why writing a blog?

Well, I’d like to tell you more about me, about us, about our life with Down Syndrome. I’d like to show you that one extra chromosome doesn’t make me different…I am still cute little girl. I have dreams, I want to have friends, to sing, to play, to explore the World, to love and be loved! I’d like to show you that if you have loving parents, supportive family and friends around you there is nothing what can stop you, even that extra chromosome…ok, it may slow you down, but you will get there, trust me!

Who is this blog for?

For everyone, seriously! Maybe other people and families in similar position, living with somebody with Down Syndrome will find something interesting here? Maybe this blog will give some support, inspire or reassure mothers and parents ‘to be’ who are expecting baby with Down Syndrome? Or maybe somebody who doesn’t ‘deal’ with Trisomy 21 on a daily-basis but wants to know about it a bit more will stop by?? I don’t know. However, everybody is welcome here!

So, there you have it! Look, you already know a little bit about us!! Don’t you? Fantastic! If you still want to TrySomeMe and want to see how our daily routine with Down syndrome looks like, then you are more than welcome to pop in here whenever you like…


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